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Providing Hackathon-As-A-Service for organisations to facilitate the cross-pollination of skills and innovation.

At Hackmakers, we run hackathon events with businesses, by providing a platform for skilled individuals to showcase their skills and network with our sponsors.

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Hack with us

Get access to over a 1,000 qualified mentors to help you ideate and innovate amazing solutions for your portfolio!

Join our next hackathon as a participant or mentor to part-take in innovation and receive industry mentorship.

Run a hackathon

We have run over 8 flagship events involving over 12,000 people and 54 participating organisation, across 21 different time-zones.

Partner with us to run a hackathon event to innovate and network with international talent. Build with us today.


Company Branding.

Associating your brand with a hackathon can help you to establish your company as experts in a given area towards a social good.

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Community Creation.

Hackathons combine people, education and processes to empower new ways of working outside the box with, technologies and applications.

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As project-based challenges, hackathons are a great way to earmark key innovators and test candidate capabilities of handling challenges in the workplace.

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