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No matter who you are, or what your background is, if you have a good idea we want to support your success and achievements in our innovation ecosystem.


A sustainable and decentralised hackathon innovation platform for the future.

2020 (Founding)

1. Build with AI 2020 (Flagship Hackathon, first ever Hackmakers branded event)
2. Digital Defence 2020 (Hackathon-As-A-Service)
3. Seed funding grant received from Australian Government
4. Total of 5,600 unique participants

2021 (Startup and Community Build)

1. Smart Cities 2021 (Hackathon-As-A-Service)
2. UN World Innovation Day 2021 (Flagship Hackathon, first ever event in partnership with UNESCO and UNEP)
3. Build with AI 2021 (Flagship Hackaton)
4. SaaS Hackerspace platform v1 launch
5. Total of 12,200 unique participants

2022 Q1 - Q2 (Client and Participant Growth)

1. Formula AI Hackathon (First ever, full-service international trip funded by sponsors for winning team)
2. UN World Innovation Day 2021 (First ever blockchain and NFT themed challenges)
3. Total of 15,900 unique participants

2022 Q3 (Web3 start, NFT Drop)

1. Polygon Village accelerator start
NFT drop for early advisors/ investors
3. Physical meetups and hackathons

2022 Q4 (DAO Onboarding)

1. DAO Launch
2. SaaS Hackerspace platform v2 launch
3. NFT holders virtual onboarding, OG sale
4. Build with AI and Blockchain 2022 hackathon

2023 - Beyond (Accelerated Expansion)

1.  DAO features functional
2.  Accelerator program preparation
3.  Merch drop
4.  UN World Innovation Day 2023 Hackathon
5.  Expansion of SaaS hackathons


Open Source - Blockchain X Webflow Template

innovation As A Service

Step 1: Client uses hackmakers to run bespoke hackathon event based on client preferences

Step 2: Our community will execute the hackathon, prize money will be distributed as crypto currency

Step 3: Remaining funds will be added into Treasury (NFT holder vote)

Decentralized - Blockchain X Webflow Template

Flagship Hackathons

Step 1: Annual Hackathon calendar will be generated at the beginning of each year, updated twice a year (NFT holder vote)

Step 2: External sponsors and speakers will be contacted to fund the event.

Step 3: Our community will execute the hackathon, prize money will be distributed as crypto currency.

Step4: Remaining funds will be added into Treasury (NFT holder vote)

Transparent - Blockchain X Webflow Template

Accelerator Program

Step 1: Accelerator Program set with relevant sponsors, universities and partners as facilitators. Founders interviewed and admitted into program.

Step 2: 10 week program will commence based on curriculum (workshops, ideation and iteration cycles, until team and investable solution is ready)

Step 3: Investors will receive early right of access to invest in solutions after the official pitch night at the end of the program (NFT holder priority)

Step 4: Best solutions will be eligible for further funding through Hackmakers Treasury investment (NFT holder vote)


" Thanks to everyone involved. What a great experience. I feel lucky to have been here. I' ve been in several hackathons and startup events before in one role or another (participant, mentor, judge) and this was unique and more interesting by far. I was amazed how people who had never met form multiple timezones could get together, ideate, design, and build out a product idea. "
kate strachnyi

CEO and Founder, Datacated Academy

" Im very glad to have met all of you and woked with such great minds! This is a global crisis and when we all come together like this, we will beat it together! A community rising together is no match for a little virus! A diverse cognitive pool can solve the multiple problems rising out of a pandemic - let's always remember this spirit of community we shared during this time and solve more problems around the globe! "
ian oppermann

Chief Data Scientist, NSW Government

"So finally after 72 hours, loads of team meets, mentoring sessions and amazing conversations the hackathon has come to an end. It was really amazing to work with some of the brightest minds from 21 different timezones, just to meet one common goal- to come out stronger in this COVID19 struck world by leveraging the power of AI."
cherie ryan

Vice President and Regional Managing Director, Oracle ANZ